Volunteering at the 2019 Reunion

No reunion would be possible without volunteers and we need your help to make this one a success. This year, we will run the Reunion almost exclusively with volunteers. There has been a concern in the past that School staff are left exhausted at the end of reunions, due to the amount of work that has fallen to them and, of course, this is not a good way to begin the new academic year.

Please think carefully about whether or not this is really the role for you as the work of the volunteers will be even more critical to the success of the Reunion than in previous years. For this reunion we are also happy to consider the participation of volunteers who are not alumni.

We will start preparation of the grounds and buildings for the Reunion two weeks prior to 15th and we plan to have finished cleaning up four days after 19th. Therefore dates for volunteering are between 1st–23rd August inclusive.

What you will give:

  • All volunteers must commit to a minimum of 4 working days.
  • You are required to work where and when needed most for up to 5 hours a day, plus 30 minutes for morning jobs.

What we will give:

  • You will be provided with free food and accommodation while volunteering.

During the Reunion, volunteers will have dormitory style accommodation in the school, or will be given the option of camping, with tents and sleeping bags provided.

  • Volunteers working in excess of 5 days will receive a day off.

Alumni please keep in mind that if you want to be free to fully participate in the Reunion when it is happening, then you should not volunteer for that period (15th–19th) and will need to pay. You may wish to consider coming earlier, or remaining later and working as a volunteer during those times.

Applying as a volunteer

  • Places are limited and will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • To apply as a volunteer complete the application form (link below). You should also complete the registration form if you do not plan to volunteer during the period of the Reunion itself.
  • Please wait to receive confirmation of your acceptance as a volunteer before making travel arrangements.
  • Volunteers must be 18 years or over and we cannot accept families with young children as volunteers.

For questions and enquiries, please email us at reunion2019@brockwood.org.uk

Volunteer Application Form


Key roles to fill

There are a couple of roles that are critical to the event, both before and during:

  • Reunion PR Lead: This role requires experience of creating positive media coverage and strong networks, ideally in the UK media world. We are looking for someone who can help us starting in January or February to write press releases and features, pitch them to major publications, and manage relationships with journalists who might be interested in covering 50 years of Brockwood’s unique educational approach. For more details see this document.
  • Reunion Coordination Assistant: We’re hoping to see 500 guests in August, with a team of 60 volunteers. Days at the reunion will be long! Because of this we’d like a Coordination Assistant who can support the core team in troubleshooting, working with volunteers, and keeping everything flowing smoothly. For more details see this document.

To apply for either of these roles, please complete the volunteer form online, and also send an email to reunion2019@brockwood.org.uk