50 Seconds at 50 Years

Send a 50 second video message for us to post here and on our Facebook page. Tell us why you are coming, or why you aren’t. Encourage your old friends to prepare for the big rendezvous: ‘Meet me on the blue sofa, in the marquee, on the North Lawn, 3pm, 15th August, 2019!’ Tell us what you want to see happen at the Reunion, or send a message to Brockwood on arriving at 50. Because outward appearances change, don’t forget to tell us your first name and the years you were here. We are looking forward to having you here—though not all on the same blue sofa at the same time. Though it may now be middle-aged, Brockwood is in good shape and will be popping and fizzing with energy come August 15th.

Video messages can be sent via Whatsapp to the dedicated reunion number (50 Years) at 0044 7412 608 980 or via Messenger and the Facebook page, or via Dropbox at the reunion2019@brockwood.org.uk address.