What happens at a Reunion is a little like what happened at Brockwood in your previous life: there is time to sit down together, enjoy a meal together, kick a ball, take a walk to the Grove, have a dialogue or a dance, do nothing, lapse into silence. You are returning to Brockwood to relax, reflect, reconnect, renew and rejoice, and we will have a programme that provides space and time for all that and more.

Click here for a downloadable programme in PDF.

Ideas and comments can be sent via Whatsapp to the dedicated reunion number at 0044 7412 608 980 or via Messenger and the Facebook page, or via email at the reunion2019@brockwood.org.uk address.

TOTWAM (the only time we all meet)

You will remember School Meetings, well this is a magnified version with around 300-400 present, but with the same intent. How do you create an atmosphere, an inquiry, a sharing unless you spend some time together—all together? There will be announcements about the day’s events, question time, presentations and a bit of K to remind us how Brockwood came to be here in the first place.

Making Music

What is it about Brockwood that has given rise to an inordinate amount of music-making in a relatively small community? Can you explain it to us? Better still, ignore the question, bring your instrument and play your heart out. All styles and walks of musical life are welcome. Write to our RMC (Reunion Music Coordinator) Kris Gorski, to tell him what you can offer: reunionmusic@brockwood.org.uk

Dinner Dance

The necessary ingredients for a fantastic Dinner Dance:
great food , great music , smart clothes , shoes that don’t pinch , huge quantity of old friends that I’ve not seen for a very long time, all of whom want to ‘dare-to-dance-as-we-did’ . Make sure I’m there .

Visitors Day

Brockwood only sprang to life and grew to maturity as a result of a great deal of support and help from a wide, international community of friends. Some of them will join us today to celebrate our common interest and the fact that this unique place is thriving at 50.

Auction of Gifts and Pledges

How do we keep the Brockwood doors open to children from all corners of the world and from a variety of backgrounds? We can only do it by offering bursaries. We offer a great many every year and have to find the money to do this. Help us, if you can, by bringing something with you that can go into the auction of gifts and pledges and directly benefit a deserving student.

Workshops and Dialogues

What do you eat, sleep and breathe in terms of your life’s work now and would you like to share that with others at the Reunion? If so, we can provide you with a space and the time and maybe even an audience. Have you had a dialogue-free decade or two; perhaps you’re beginning to wonder if those big questions look any different 10, 20, 30 years on? What is right livelihood? What does it mean to be a good parent in 2019? What did he mean when he said, ‘You are the world’?

Did You Know

that The Alumni Fund has raised £25,000 this past year for bursaries for deserving students. Join those Brockwood alumni who are helping others to follow in your footsteps, visit: http://brockwood.org.uk/alumni_letter.html

The Tree Planting

When finally comes the time to depart, it is good to leave something behind buried in the quiet earth, pushing towards the light. It will be here when you return for the 55th reunion, the 60th and maybe, for the younger ones among us, the 100th! Stay for the tree planting, get your hands dirty and reconnect with the Ground.

The Informal Evening

A spontaneous evening of in-house entertainment with plenty of opportunity to display the huge spectrum of talent that Brockwood alums carry around with them, free of teenage nerves, but perhaps with a few adult ones!

Games and Hikes

The response time and the stamina may not be quite what they were when you were 16, but you still have to work off all that good food and work up a sweat somehow. And, while you are at it who says the over-40s can’t outperform the under-40s when it comes to a ‘friendly’ football match, especially if you remember how to play the advantage of the tree at the halfway line? For those who object to kicking a ball, you can bounce and throw it on the basketball court, hit it with a bat in softball, or just go looking for it as part of the long hike!

Café Culture and Poolside Pleasures

Whether it is hanging out on the blue sofa in the café, tucking into an exceedingly good piece of cake, or simply lying in the sun by the pool, there will be plenty of time to do not much of anything.