Brockwood is about to turn 50. Hard to believe but true. Time to put some dates in your diary, book those tickets online, dust off the dancing shoes, send a message to the friends: ‘Going to Brockwood for the big R. How about you? Won’t take no for an answer.’

We are inviting you home—to your second home. We would like as many alumni as possible to join us for the special occasion of Brockwood’s 50th Anniversary Reunion, taking place from 15th to 19th of August, 2019. This is an important milestone on the challenging journey the School is taking: challenging because Krishnamurti’s intentions for the School are uncompromising in what they ask of us in every aspect of life.

School reunions generally last one day; ours will last five. Why? Because you are scattered around the world, so it may be a long journey to get here, and we have a lot to celebrate. We would like to see as many of you as possible return and we will house you in the classrooms, the Pavilions, the Cloisters, the Centre, the East Wing, the West Wing and underneath the spreading Lime trees. Your job is to turn up.

50 Seconds at 50 Years

Send us a video message – no more than 50 seconds – about your thoughts regarding the Reunion. We will post it on the website or on our Facebook page. See 50 Seconds menu for more.

Krishnaji planting the oak tree opposite the Assembly Hall in 1969.

Recorded during the last reunion, Questions Lived features interviews with early Brockwood students who reflect on what the School has meant to them.

A music video shot at the last reunion celebrates the buzz in the Brockwood hive.